Yellowstone National Park

Home to the Old Faithful geyser, grizzly bears, wolves, and the largest herd of wild bison, the world's first national park is over 2 million acres.
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Emerald Pool in Yellowstone National Park

Emerald Pool in Yellowstone National Park

Location: Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho

Top 3 Things to Do at Yellowstone National Park

1. Watch Geysers Erupt and See Giant, Colorful Hot Springs

Yellowstone is the largest active geyser field in the world and is home to the most famous geyser, Old Faithful. There are also hundreds of colorful hot springs and pools such as the Grand Prismatic Hot Spring, pictured above, which is larger than a football field and the third largest spring in the world.

2. See Wild Animals in their Natural Habitat

Yellowstone National Park is home to more wild animals than almost anywhere else in the U.S., but it is not a zoo. Visitors are likely to see a number of animals in Yellowstone freely roaming the landscape in their natural habitat. Animals you might see include grizzly bears, gray wolves, the world's largest wild bison herd, bald and golden eagles, trumpeter swans, moose and more.

3. See Giant Waterfalls in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

View the pink and yellow canyon walls that form the sides of three glorious waterfalls. The place is so inspiring that an overlook of the Lower Falls is called Artist's Point.

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