Top 50 Hiking Trails in America's Favorite National Parks

Don’t hit the trails this summer without checking out these incredible hikes in the country’s most popular national parks. We have a trail for every type of hiker, including those who would rather loiter in the gift shop than summit a peak.
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Yosemite National Park

Get ready for the most majestic downhill hike you will ever do or follow a trail surrounded by rainbows. View the Yosemite Hiking Guide.

Olympic National Park

Looking for a morning workout? Or the best beach stroll in Olympic? Choose among our top trails to make the most out of your time. View the Olympic Hiking Guide.

Rocky Mountain National Park

Discover the best trails to spot moose and hike to this must-see, hidden-gem-of-a-lake. View the Rocky Mountain Hiking Guide.

Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Cool off with the mist from one of the park’s many waterfalls. View the Great Smoky Hiking Guide.

Arches National Park

Get tips on how to beat the heat (and crowds) on an incredibly popular arch hike or head out for a difficult desert scramble. View the Arches Hiking Guide.

Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim

Take an easy stroll to see some of the nation’s most iconic architectural gems or sweat it out on strenuous hikes deep into the Grand Canyon. View the Grand Canyon South Rim Hiking Guide.

Yellowstone National Park

It’s a huge park. Here are our seven tips for lazy days and invigorating workouts to the top of peaks. View the Yellowstone Hiking Guide.