National Park Travel Stories

Learn about adventures, road trips, and legends in America's national parks including Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, and others.

Beartooth peak from Montana's Beartooth Highway just outside Yellowstone National Park

31-Day National Park RV Adventure

With no prior RV experience, traveler Kim Gipple took a 26-foot RV named “Harvey” across the country, visiting 13 parks and driving 6,800 miles in 31 days.

Senior Hikers

4 Things to Know about the National Park Senior Pass Fee Increase

The price of the National Parks Senior Pass will increase from $10 to $80 on August 28, 2017.

Hiker at Great Sand Dunes National Park in Colorado

7 Best Road Trips to National Parks

Hit the road and experience the best America has to offer. Experience waterfalls, peaks, dunes, wine country and ruins.

Lightning storm in the mountains above tree line

7 Most Dangerous Hazards in National Parks

While you are exploring the national parks this summer, don't leave common sense in the car. The parks are wild places with real hazards.

Sunset at Yosemite's Half Dome

7 Things to Do in National Parks Before You Die

Don't just sit there. Start planning. There are rainforests to admire, startlingly beautiful trails to hike, mountain peaks to view and incredible wildlife to see.

Blue Mesa in Petrified Forest National Park

8 Uncrowded National Parks

Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon get all the attention. These national parks are just as striking but are missing one thing: the crowds.

Sevag Kazanci (left) and Keith Eshelman (right), co-founders of Parks Project

A Parks Project for Goodness Sake

Giving back to national parks with thoughtful products

Looking out at Desert View in Grand Canyon National Park

Best Scenic Views in America's National Parks

Here are our top viewpoints in seven of the country's best national parks. Warning: your photos will make everyone who's not with you envious.

White Cascade Waterfall in Yosemite National Park

Find Happiness at these Breathtaking National Park Waterfalls

Can waterfalls make you happy? Studies show that the negative ions produced by moving air and water may have a positive effect on your mood.

Hiking on a trail in Rocky Mountain National Park

Leave No Trace in Our National Parks

Even if you live by the phrase “take only photos; leave only footprints” when you’re outdoors, it still might seem counterintuitive to pack out food scraps and toilet paper.


National Park Personality Quiz

What is your park personality? Which national park should you visit? Take our easy photo quiz to find out.

The trail bridge over Sol Duc Falls in Olympic National Park

Top 50 Hiking Trails in America's Favorite National Parks

Don’t hit the trails this summer without checking out these incredible hikes in the country’s most popular national parks including easy and moderate trails.

Bighorn ram in Rocky Mountain National Park

Where to See Wildlife in America's National Parks

One of the most fascinating experiences in our national parks is wildlife-watching. Read on to learn which animals live in the parks.

Under Canvas near Great Smoky

Why Glamping is Great for Families

Elevate your national park vacation when you and your family spend the night at a glamping camp.

Safari tent at Under Canvas Zion

Why Glamping is Great for Non-Campers

Want to sleep under the stars but prefer to skip sleeping bags, dirt and pit toilets? Try glamping near national parks across America.

EcoVessel Boulder Bottle

Why Reusable Water Bottles Are Important

Here are 5 tips from EcoVessel on why drinking water from a reusable water bottle is so essential both on and off the trail.